happy birthday fifa

Dec 16, 2016

Eight years old today.
I have had her since she was three months old and have loved her since the day I saw her awkward little face in her pen. It was March of 2009 when, on a whim my college boyfriend and I decided to "look at the dogs" just for fun. Word of advice, it's never just for fun. We walked in and unfortunately, it was a a puppy mill but I don't regret getting her. Next time it will be a shelter or adoption.

We muddled over her name, the guys in his house suggested, and eventually, it came to me like a light bulb! FIFA. I said to them, you guys play FIFA 09 all of the time, we should name her FIFA! And the room was unanimous with a yes because it was super awesome.

She has been with me through all of my late night study sessions, boyfriends, work-and-study life, and so much more. My life would not be the same without her in it and the idea as unconditional love is totally with her. This girl is my favorite ever.

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY FIFA. Here's to many more for us.

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