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Dec 22, 2016

Less then one week until Christmas! Tis' the season to be jolly and gift giving. Giving gifts is my favorite and I am super excited for some of Liam's family's gifts. The photo above is one of the photos we printed and framed for his mom. I love sentimental gifts like these!

Short work week. Only two days and now we're off for the rest of the year to work on finishing up the house!

The end of the work year has been amazing. It feels good to get a big project signed into the books to begin next year. Accomplishments! This rotation has been much better than expected and I can't wait to see what the new year brings.

Liam is getting his wisdom teeth out today, that doesn't make him happy but it makes me happy because he's taking care of it. He will be out of commission for the next few days so no working on the house.

Speaking of the house, we put our second coat of waterlox on the counters and laid almost all of the flooring down. By the end of the year we will be putting our kitchen together!! This also means we can bring Sebastian back upstairs with us and I can't wait for that.

We're looking at new cars, white Subaru Forester to be exact, who knows if we will really get it but we can dream.

Target gift wrap. Seriously the cutest stuff ever. It will consume all of money after Christmas when everything is on sale.

Have a happy week everyone!

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