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Dec 11, 2016

Let's talk about happy things this week in the world of OHS.

We have heat in the apartment, finally! Temperatures getting to 20° it is much needed.

Cabinets are in! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER. Not fully functioning yet, but we're on our way!

Receiving Christmas cards from friends all over the country and Save the Dates! Adulting may suck sometimes but it's really not all that bad.

Watching the dogs in the snow together. They were actually playing with each other.

We went Christmas tree shopping with Liam's family this weekend and it was cold and snowy but it felt like Christmas. Except for the snowy roads we couldn't get up, everything was really fun.

I'm pretty sure I decided to scrapbook again in 2017 and that makes my heart happy. It has been a long time since I did it but I would like to go for a small less stressful system when I finally get all of my things out of storage.

Enjoy one of the last few weeks of 2016!

a bit about the seriesIn previous blog world, I would do snippets that would capture snippets of my life in photography. As time has gone by, I realize my photo taking isn't nearly as often as it used to be and when I found Kelsey, Especially's series on this, it fit my life so much better. An update on life without needing a photo to fill it all.

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