things that made me happy in 2016

Dec 31, 2016

As we say goodbye to 2016, the year of crazy things happening when we didn't expect it, we reflect on what it was like for us personally in that year. Mine was nothing like I expected, especially moving in with someone new. It's been real 2016, bring it on 2017 we're ready for you.

01.08.16 - our first official date to a Jackals hockey game with his friends, he was nervous to bring me which is adorable considering he is so confident. We went to Friendly's for ice cream and I drew him a picture of himself eating ice cream. It's when it all started.

We spent Valentine's Day together at a Sweetheart Ball in 0 degree weather. We drove to see frozen waterfalls and had lunch at a brewery. We fell in love in two months, we moved in together within months of dating, we fought, we laughed, and had a ton of fun in the last 11 months together. 

I went to six weddings this year, five of my friends weddings and one of his. It was a great year for love. Another friend of mine went to ten weddings, which is crazy because I thought six was a ton, both were a ton. In 2017, we have one wedding and in 2018, we have three! Already!

Liam experienced his first ever pedicure and fell in love with Starbucks soy chai's, our drink of choice. He also fell in love with pedicures and wants them once every few months to make sure his feet are like walking on clouds, as he puts it.

I met my favorite high school band, The Spill Canvas, and went to a concert with two great friends. The best part is that Hal brought her baby girl to the concert and we put sound proof baby ear muffs on. We received a lot of stares but it made it all the more funny, she fell asleep half way through so those things worked!

In May, my little Gabbi had a bachelorette party in Las Vegas and we partied like we were in college all over again. It was exhausting and amazing. We danced and got to see a 50 Cent and Ludacris concert.

In June, my friends here in Upstate New York threw a bachelorette party for our friend T. We drove around in a limo to a bunch of wineries around the lake. It was amazing in the bonding type of way, when you know the friends you've made are perfect for you.

Travel. Not nearly as much as I would normally like to but Liam and I went to Washington DC for my training. I visited Cape Cod before my friend J left for Boston and visited Nashville for the first time.

We started renovating a house and I learned all about construction, renovation, decorating, and so much more that I never thought I would learn. HGTV is our favorite channel. Fixer Upper is my #couplegoals.

I took Liam to his first college football game. Rutgers is terrible but it never stopped me from visiting and going to as many games as I could manage. 

My family was together for Thanksgiving and Liam was able to meet tons of my family. We went to Atlantic City and my dad taught him how to play poker, it was the cutest thing ever- he was so excited to play and win.

We cut down our first Christmas tree and I took my first couples Christmas photo.

This year has been a whirlwind of emotions, new friends, moving in with a boyfriend, renovations, and so many memories. Although this year has been crazy in the world of politics and celebrities, for me it's been pretty great. Last year I ended the year in Seattle with a different boyfriend, we both knew we were splitting up but we decided to go on vacation. When I ended that relationship I whole heartedly intended to spend the year focusing on work and laying low on the dating scale. Liam walked into my life like a whirlwind and we have been enjoying this crazy ride we call us since then.

Cheers to 2016, and a toast to 2017 being an even better one.

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  1. Just reading this post made me happy! I'm glad you two found each other & fell in love. In a way I envy that!

    Your 2016 sounded WAY better than my own - and SIX weddings holy crap!


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