blue apron review

Feb 15, 2017

We ordered Blue Apron a few weeks ago because we have heard great things about its ease and good tasting food. We can not deny the fact that it has great tasting food, from what we have cooked so far but we decided this way of cooking was not for us.

This sounds confusing, I know, but our life right now is a little too crazy for the "ease" of Blue Apron. We have a beautiful new kitchen we can now cook in, but sometimes we don't have the time or, in all honesty, the energy to cook Blue Apron. Yes, it gives you everything in one box to cook it but we have very different pallets for food which makes choosing the meal pretty difficult. Liam is a meat guy, he loves meat and potatoes and is not a fan of vegetables. On the other hand, I only eat vegetables and occasionally shellfish and some types of fish. See how this can cause some problems?

The meals are able to be selected for the upcoming deliveries but I do not eat fish often enough to want it every week. Liam also does not want vegetables, especially ones he has no idea what they are. He really enjoyed the burgers and sweet potato fries but it's not something I can enjoy with him. Although we love cooking together, touching burger meat is not my forte.

Blue Apron works for some lifestyles but for ours right now, I don't think we have the energy to put up the effort. We cook what we're used to and I think it is what works for us. Between work, gym, walking the dogs, and Liam taking classes 3 days a week, there is too much happening during the week. In the future, this is going to be something we want to do together. I highly suggest it, I love the recipe cards that we can keep and we might still look for recipes on the website.

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