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Apr 14, 2017

Seriously, I am still loving the photo session from Roc the Shot and just signed up for their Styled Shoot. Super excited to see that shoot and meet the girl boss who made the planner I mentioned before. It is going to look so awesome and I will probably be jealous that my wedding won't look like it!

We went to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago and I have yet to upload photos and chat about the awesome city. We had such a good time there and plan on revisiting when the weather is warmer. The reason we visited was to see a concert from a singer who I loved in high school, not a solo artist and still amazing. I can definitely say that concert was unlike any I have ever been to and loved it.

Wedding planning has not been happening. I think we understand that we have so much time left to plan things that there is no real rush for us. We booked our venue as I said before and we could not be more excited. I have been searching for photographer, videographer, caterer, bakery, you name it but nothing is set in stone. Plus, we are still trying to save money for everything. Weddings ain't cheap!

Spring cleaning is happening in full effect around here. Last weekend our friends rented a stump grinder and brought it over and helped us with the yard. We bagged 9 bags of leaves and still have a few more to do. This weekend will be yard work and housework. WOO!

The weather around here is getting warmer and it has been super nice to take the dogs for a walk. There is more light and we don't have to bundle up to walk. I especially love the walks when the two of us get to have our little family back together and enjoy some alone time. It becomes relaxing and gives us some exercise.

Enjoy the weekend, I hope the weather is nice wherever you are!

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  1. Your venue from the previous post looks stunning! & yes, if you have lots of time to plan, just take your time. I'm excited to see your post on Pittsburgh !


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