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Apr 6, 2017

Photography has always been something I wanted to pursue further, even if it was a hobby and not a career. I never intended on having photography as a career, but as a side gig? I could totally be down with that. Getting started and building a portfolio and a name for yourself is the hardest part, it is always the getting started part that is difficult. This is how I feel about working out too.

I did a lot of wedding vendor searches and I came across Rachel Liz Photography. I think I found her on Green Wedding Shoes or through other avenues like clicking too many links and having a million windows open. I am sure anyone planning a wedding can relate to this mess. But back to the real reason for this! I found Rachel Liz Photography and loved her work. It came to my attention that she taught a photography workshop and it was so exciting for me! It had been a long time since I really took my camera out and used it for taking authentic photos.

So I dusted off the ol' camera and signed up for two workshops with Roc the Shot. It is taught by Rachel Liz Photography and Lindsay Stephany Photography. Workshop I is geared towards people who really do not understand their camera, they teach you how to shoot in manual, the ins and outs of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. I think I could have gone without this one but it was great to understand the idea around manual settings. Workshop II is geared towards people who want to make a business out of photography or get into the business. There was only three of us in the class and it was really fun learning about how people create a business around it. We were able to practice shooting a couple. We learned all about posing tips, interacting with clients, and creating your brand/business.

It was awesome.
I learned so much! I got to practice! Now all I need to do it figure out how to use Lightroom. They have a class on that too! Although, I don't think I will be taking that because I am going to sign up for their Styled Shoot. This workshop will be all about wedding photography! They will create a wedding and we'll be able to shoot it to add to portfolios. I am so excited to see how this one will turn out!

What I learned after the workshops?
    1. I take too many pictures, I need to be better at taking a few good shots instead of 100 'meh' shots. 2. Manual mode isn't so difficult, but Aperture setting is okay too. Don't use the Shutter setting. 3. Dude should always keep their hand sin their pocket unless his hands on his girl. 4. Rochester is not that far of a drive, yay for day trips. 5. Practice. Practice. Practice. 6. I need to find my style and what I like.

I miss having hobbies and I am excited to see what I can come up with in this hobby.

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