Feb 16, 2012

I wish I could put into words why this day sucks so bad but I know that what I want to say is probably not the nicest thing in the world so I will try my hardest to be polite. Work is still good, but having to work on a team with someone who is overly-anal, stressed about the smallest things, and has a way of pushing your buttons without really knowing it, is not fun. I am busy doing my own projects and having to be put on something else while I am busy is just frustrating. I wish I could explain better in words but I can not.

All I am waiting for is getting home, working on my Project Life, and building my bookcase. I bought that bookshelf on Sunday and have yet to put it together. I really need to find a place to put it because my room is already full of stuff. My closet is really big so I will probably put my other storage stuff in there. I worked on my scrapbook yesterday but I still have a few finishing touches on it and this week has been really hectic with trying to get some schoolwork done and good old Valentine's day.

I love how he crafted the card to make it more like our own coffees♥. He knows how much I love to scrapbook so it's nice he did a little something special for me. We went out to dinner, Old Man Rafferty's- it was our first date. Chocolate covered fruits from a local store near his house. I love local things, mom and pop shops are the best. I also got us ice cream cake, yes it's not vegan but sometimes I make him break the rules, occasionally.

Okay, later today my PL: Week 6 will be up for display!

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