not so week 6

Feb 17, 2012

I lied.
Maybe Project Life Week 6 will be tonight haha.

I fell asleep at 10? Maybe even 9. Steve is so understanding when I fall asleep. We talked about ice cream for a while, what a business like that would be like. He also built my bookshelf. Such a great guy. IKEA furniture though, you really do get what you pay for, BUT this won't be in our future home, it's okay for now.

Instead of PL, I made another vegan dish! 4/100. He keeps pushing me to make more because he wants to eat new dishes.
Vegan Pad Thai. 

My Rating: Yum! Now, it's no authentic Pad Thai that my mom and her friends make or some of the Thai restaurants that we go to but it was good enough for me. Really easy to make, only a few ingredients - I think that's why it doesn't taste authentic haha. You probably need more then just 5 items. When we first added the noodles and the sauce together it was really liquidy and I was nervous but after a little time it soaks it up and looks normal. Added with some broccoli and chopped up peanuts = great dinner. I need more ideas, especially non-pasta/noodle dishes.

Oh btw, I know how people LOVE Instagram and I like it a lot too but sometimes it's just not enough for me so I like using Camera+. It's a paid app though, but it does a little more, using both together could be a good idea. But for that picture.. Camera+ all the way!


  1. Hi! What did you use for the sauce? I found an awesome recipe that tastes pretty authentic, but it calls for fish sauce. (Yuck!) Your pad thai looks yummy!

  2. I used this recipe from Chef Chloe:

    they do sell a vegetarian fish/oyster sauce at some asian food markets. I usually use that instead of the real stuff.

    It's a great easy recipe and does taste good, I'm just used to something different but it's good for at home!


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