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Mar 9, 2012

Last night I was determined to get Project Life pictures, the only thing I need to finish was the title card for the week. Everything else is finished. I even know what I want it to look like, I just have had no time. I mean that.

I was so determined that I started to make the two batches of cupcakes for Mike's birthday celebration today right when I got home from work. I stopped at Target to pick up a few things I needed and Starbucks because they are having their 1/2 off promotion with a treat receipt. I went yesterday morning for something different, iced vanilla soy latte (HEAVEN). It was even funnier when I went back the second time to get another for half off because the barista was so thrown off by my order he double checked with me to make sure it was correct. Why is that so funny? Because I am a regular and that is not "my usual." I was amused by it, you may not be if you are not a regular at somewhere.

Back to the point...
I finished making both batches of cupcakes, Snickerdoodle and Red Velvet. I had just placed the Red Velvet in the oven and started to clean the kitchen and put everything away. This is, 6pm? Maybe. As I grab the vanilla extract to put away; I realized OMG I forgot to put this in my recipes!?!?!!?!? Now it doesn't seem like a big deal, but in the Snickerdoodle ones, it made a difference. I'm not really sure for RV because this was my first attempt. **SADFACE**

I am a perfectionist when it comes to my cupcakes, especially since I just opened my own "at-home bakery" so they HAVE to be perfect! I had to start all over again but didn't have enough of some ingredients and had to go back out AGAIN. Shoot me at this point. I got home and slowly made everything again, making sure that everything had ALL of the ingredients. I finished around 10pm. Dinner around 10:30pm. Long night.

After all of that pain and suffering, a beautiful thing came to be:

Welcome Red Velvet Cream Cheese frosting & a brownie heart♥

And yes.. everything is vegan. Just the way I like it. Nothing taste different and it's healthier. Win win!

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  1. You bake professionally!!!!!!!!!!! I am amazed!!Dont know if you remember me but
    Im Iris from I's cafe and came across your blog, hope you dont find me rude posting here. Im sorry to see your review recently and hope to make things better for your visits next time. I can be reached at or facebook!/profile.php?id=507457181
    hoping to hear from you :)


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