project life | week 9

Mar 11, 2012

I can not believe March is here. Time really is flying by very quickly. In 2 months, I will be 25! WOW! As if that really matters because I still get carded for Rated R movies. Yes, I still look like a teenager, I haven't changed at all since I was a freshman in high school. And I mean that, literally. I am the same height and weights. The only thing different is that I am much more knowledgeable then when I was 14.

Week 9 was eventful:
SMASH is heating up and I can't wait until next weeks episode.
Leap Day - nothing crazy but woo for another 4 years!
Vegfest 2012. NYC! Coupons + free samples = worth waiting and $5.
The Container Store ♥
Roommate bonding while hours in the kitchen baking.
First cupcake delivery as The Tiny Bit Bakery, very exciting.
Everyone loved the cupcakes and no one knew they were vegan.

I realize more and more how much I love Project Life. I have no idea if I will do this forever but I know that I love doing it now. I already love looking back to the beginning of January and seeing what I did. I can only imagine looking back in a few years. My friends even get excited when I put them in it, it's fun. It means so much to me to have a place to write about my life and my thoughts. I love having a blog to share everything. I am already an open book so why not share it with the world?

With everything going on in my life and with Steve, it's nice to have a place to keep memories.

I love my Silhouette Cameo :D

I found a new place to buy my cupcake wrappers. I love Etsy. The things that you can find from that website are amazing!

My upcoming at-home bakery logo.

Center insert:
We went to NYC Vegfest 2012. We had a blast with free samples and coupons, we stood in the misty rain but it wasn't so bad. I got a new tote bag and got the artist to autograph it, he was excited haha.

This store is meant for me.

Pat and Linda! :)

Right side:

I am starting up my baby business and I am glad that my coworkers, family, and friends are so supportive and love the cupcakes so much. I had my first sale and the website is up! I am so excited, even if it doesn't blow up for me, I am excited to even have small orders for family and friends. I enjoy it so much that it's worth it.

After watching American Idol,  one of the guys sang Gravity by Sara Bareilles and I absolutely LOVE that song. She sings it so passionately and it is such a great song. I wanted to put it in there because in a few months I might forget about this song and come back and see it, then fall in love again haha.

I am behind on my weeks but I think if I do it a week after then I have more time :)
It's Spring Break this week so I won't have class Monday or Tuesday, maybe I can catch up!


  1. I like you insert... "I heart being organized." Love it.

  2. Love your pages! And good luck with the business!

  3. love it all! love your logo and card and GOOD LUCK with your launch! good on you, girl, for going for it !!!!

  4. oooh love the logo, how fun is that! and the grey and yellow title...fave.

  5. congrats on your business...the name is great...I am watching a cake show on TLC right now and am craving me some :)

    your pages look great...woo hoo for Project Life!

  6. hi , love all the bits you've add, love your logo card, so cute

  7. thank you everyone! i love the logo and can't wait to start more and more :D


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