project life | week 10.

Mar 13, 2012

Week 10, up and running!

SMASH is getting so good, I love it.
For some reason the song "Lucky" by Jason Mraz was in my head and me and Priscilla had a fun conversation about it! We love being in love.
Safe House double date.
Date night with Steve.
Cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes.
And more.


I couldn't think of anything creative for a title card but it doesn't always have to be crazy layered and colored.

Oh these lyrics make me love Steve even more.

I really enjoyed this movie. It is really long and I kept thinking it was over but it wouldn't be, but that was good! We went to a Fork and Dine, Steve and Linda's first time. He enjoyed it and since he is so tall he needs a lot of leg room. Ryan Reynolds = hottie.

Center insert:

Cupcakes made for a coworkers birthday. 4 batches later, 2 batches come out good haha. Oh baking. And business cards are in! YAY!


Starbucks is my Heaven. We get it about 5 times a week, he usually gets it 7 days a week haha. This is my SB that I go out of my way to come to in the morning. I have one that is 5 minutes from my house and this one is about 15-20 minutes but the people are so much nicer and make my coffee so perfect.

 My first cup of tea and the little sayings that Yogi attaches :)

Now working on Week 11. I love this project! :)

The Mom Creative


  1. Super cute dog park mini layout within your project life :)

  2. dog park insert is super cute! and the movie tickets with the mini poster is fun...

  3. snickerdoodle cupcakes?? They look delish. Love all your fun embellies. Great job!!

  4. yes snickerdoodle! it tasted EXACTLY like the cookie. my favorite cupcake I've made so far.


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