project life | week 15 & 16

Apr 24, 2012

I had to play catch up again but I am all finished with Week 15 & 16. Pat and Linda looked at this a few days ago and were amazed at how much work I put into it. I kind of feel the same way when I look at other Project Lifers and notice how much embellishment they put on their cards. I only do as much as I can, but I love how it turns out.

Week 15.

We did so much stuff last week and I collected tons of business cards, I didn't want them to go to waste so I added them in a little pocket I just made so I could keep them all.

One of my coworkers brought me this :)
I made her cupcakes for her little sisters birthday, she's in 3rd grade. I thought it was pretty awesome! It made my day.

We don't take a lot of photos together, I always seem to forget about taking them of US instead of just objects or him, or just me. We needed more of us together for our first book.

Week 16. 

(blurry *oops*)

Although it rained and rained and rained on Sunday, the rest of the week was pretty gorgeous outside. I thought it deemed a bright and sunny title card.

Family from Thailand is here. So excited to see them ♥

Finished book #3 of Hunger Games. I was little mad throughout the book but overall I liked the series, very entertaining. Now I am on to book 4 of 7. I think that I will be reading 7 books before summer starts. Fifty Shades of Grey Book 1 of the trilogy. A friend of mine told me to read it, it's "the new thing" but for 18+ only haha.

My previous post had this recipe and picture because it's amazing. I am sure if you made it with regular mayo it would be just as amazing but since Steve is vegan, I make everything vegan and there is no way you would have been able to tell the difference. It is amazing.

Linking to The Mom Creative!

Most of the journaling I did was typed out. I finally figured out a good method to print on them. I used the paislee press tutorial but before it never worked as well, but I used it on my PSE 10 and it worked A LOT better than in Word. I'm sure it still works but I was never getting it as good. So glad to be caught up on everything! I got tons of new paper pads and alphabet stickers, I can't wait to use more!!


  1. I love that the friend's sister gave you a homemade thankyou card, that rocks! I find it hard to get photos of "Us" too. I need to do more of that...thanks for the inspiration.

  2. great layouts! it looks like you had some great that you put a recipe in...thanks for visiting me...

  3. Visiting from the Mom Creative...LOVE your idea about using a pocket for all of the business cards! I'll definitely keep that in mind for summer vacation adventures! :)

  4. Love your pages this week! The collage looks awesome, love the recipe too. Nice job!

  5. Love all of the extra little touches! Great week!


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