project life | week 23 & 24

Jun 20, 2012

Week 23.
Our "official" anniversary date and we spent it with his family out to eat and getting desserts, my favorite part of eating. I got my new TOMS shoes and I love them. I want to order more, they are the perfect summer shoe. FUN. "concert" aka watching it live via YouTube - still awesome!

I love this title page, it's so simple!

Week 24.
Beach day with my babe and my baby. Fifa was a handful and I doubt we will ever take her to the beach again. She was just too much to handle when it comes to other dogs walking by. She is feisty but she did love the water and being chased by waves.

Father's Day was this past Sunday and even though my dad wasn't here for it I picked up a card for him when he came back on Monday (which I ended up forgetting at home). We made fun golf themed cupcakes. While I was in South Jersey I found my tickets to the Formula Drift event where me and Steve made our relationship "official." We will be going again for the third year in a row this Saturday :) Also when we were in SJ we went to one of my favorite vegan Chinese food places.. it is AWESOME. Anyone vegan/vegetarian in the Philly area should visit here.

I am all caught up and am very pleased with myself. I need to purchase a new binder, after week 26 I want to put the second half of the year into a new book. I can't believe I have kept up with this for so long. I love it and I really can not wait until I can look back on this in years and laugh. I will be bringing my book with me to work tomorrow so that one of my co-workers can look at it, she has 4 years of pictures she wants to put into albums. I told her either an online photo book or something like Project Life. I would love to help anyone get started in Project Life because it is pretty amazing at memory keeping.

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  1. Nice pages! Bright, fun and colorful. I love the photo of your new Toms shoes :)


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