boyfriend & cupcake stands.

Aug 15, 2012

I know that I say this a lot, but I have to say it all the time because, really, it's true.

I have the best boyfriend ever.

We spent the weekend together, because we love each other and stuff haha. Went out to see Bourne Legacy with the not-Matt-Damon and it stilled turned out to be pretty darn good. Admired Fifa's Mohawk haircut and had to say goodbye to my best friend. I told myself I wouldn't cry but hugging and saying goodbye really sucks. BAD. We took some pictures, wished them good luck, and watched them drive away. So sad.

I will be doing a wedding at the end of September, making 120 cupcakes, how awesome! The only problem was, I did not have a cupcake stand to display the cupcakes on at the wedding. I searched and searched, but nothing was as nice as I wanted. They were either cardboard, which was not nice looking, or too expensive for me to spend money on. One of the food blogs I read made her own DIY cupcake stand for her wedding (love & olive oil) so I was determined to do the same. Steve did an amazing amazing job on it! Instead of masonite cake boards we bought mdf and cut them in circles (difficult part). Used a a metal pole with washers to hold the boards in place and PVC pipes to cover them. Painted it white and will glue ribbon around the edges when everything is complete.

I love love love it! And it cost less than $40. Much cheaper than buying one line.


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