project life | week 34 & 35

Sep 18, 2012

Although I have not been updating on Project Life, I have been keeping up with it. These weeks seemed like so long ago before class began and when I had free time to take pictures and post them! Now I am super busy!

Week 34    I got the idea for the title card from Wild Blueberry Ink, it is definitely a great idea to show the dates for that week. Quick and easy title card. I may have to use it more often.

Week 35
I love love love the Amy Tan Thickers I used for the "North Carolina." I am going to have to go and buy more. They are awesome.

I love the Design I and Instagram photos. I loved North Carolina and visiting friends. I can not wait for their wedding in December!

I am linking up with The Creative Mom!


  1. I love Target too. I like your use of the screen shot maps from your trip. I wish my android would take screen shots!

    1. haha I know, it is the one thing I love about the iPhone!

  2. i think theres apps to take screen shots. i had android a while ago. i forget. my husbands the phone whiz, not me!

    and sammy, i love week 34. the different page layout (im not up on the design letters yet!) but its super cute with the center cards and the arrows to each thing :] cant wait to get more into mine !

  3. Great pages - I love how you included the map :)


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