june goals

Jun 2, 2013

Summer is my favorite.
It means nice weather, flip flops, great movies, and so so so much more.

I plan on enjoying every minute of this summer.
It has been the first summer in a very long time where my mission is the beach. Every. Chance. I. Get.
This is precisely the reason why I need to move to California. My need for the beach and sun is almost unbearable. Okay, so maybe it's not unbearable, but it is pretty bad. Friday was my first time at the beach this summer and the best part of it? I got to go again on Saturday. I spent time with some friends I haven't seen in a while and it was wonderful.

I already know this summer is going to be amazing.

Now some goals...

+ learn & practice calligraphy
+ spend time at the beach at least once every weekend (weather permitting)
+ tone up and continue to workout
+ apply to a minimum of five jobs a week
+ find comfort with who I am and what I want

The first and last are two important ones. Calligraphy sounds so strange but after perusing Instagram I want to learn. I ordered this kit from Etsy and I think I am going to look for this book tomorrow. I am excited to try it out. The last goal is important because I am still so confused about what to do with my life and what I want. I find myself lost in thought over nonsense and it is time for me to focus on me. No one else.


  1. Calligraphy is pretty, you'll have to share some of it once you get comfortable with it!

    I so envy that you have a beach. I am longing to lay pool side but it hasn't really been hot enough yet.

    1. The weather is going crazy around here.
      One day it's humid and hot, the next I need a coat. Now this weekend we have a tropical storm coming so rain rain go away!

  2. Calligraphy frustrates me, but only because I can't get it perfect. Can't wait to see your work!


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