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Jul 23, 2013

deciding I need to go back to being 95% vegan because I feel like crap

enjoying my new outlook on life

excited about my date tomorrow ;)

wanting to get a new job (that isn't going to change until I get a job)

listening to Taylor Swift because her concert rocked

wondering what if I say yes and give second chances

loving my rekindled friendships

disliking the problems with my thumb and that damn accident

eating veggie pot pie (vegan, of course)

hating my new haircut, the bangs are all wrong

drinking water because it's amazing

watching Fifa sleep like a baby, I adore my dog

laughing about the group texts I have with my friends

needing to use my DSLR more

shopping for a new pair of glasses

working out my abs/glutes tonight

counting down the days until I visit Seattle

July, you have been good to me. Thank you.

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