Aug 8, 2013

Being back at work sucks. A weekend away on the West Coast just isn't enough for me. I need weeks there.

This was the first time I had ever gone to visit my brother in Seattle, the first time I've ever been to Seattle and I loved it. Maybe because it's new to me or the fact that I have now learned to love the city life, but it was fantastic. I never realized how hill-y Seattle was, it is similar to San Francisco; just not as bad. Walking up some of those hills is hard work.

We did some touristy things: the space needle, Public Market, the first Starbucks, looking for Mt. Rainier.
Other than that we spent time walking to awesome bars that have arcade games, finding new places to eat, and taking naps. Naps are a must after the amount of walking. I miss it already. The next time I visit, I must see Portland.

I really loved this city. I think I love any city that has culture to it. I even found amazing coffee the day before I left and my brother will send it to me when I finish the first set! It's just that good.

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