baby it's cold outside

Jan 8, 2014

It took everything I had to go outside with my camera and take pictures of these.  The idea that the twigs iced over is always such a nifty idea to me so I wanted to be able to capture it too.  Plus, I need an excuse, any excuse to use my camera again.

Lately, the weather has been kicking my butt.  I am used to the cold winters of New Jersey, I have been doing it for years, but recently?  Oh no, I can not handle 0 degree weather with a wind chill of -5.  It's just not for me.  Also, I have been sick with a head cold since I left Seattle and this weather is not helping me to get any better!

Please weather fairies... make it a little warmer!

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  1. Yes the windchill has been a mess!! It was -24 WINDCHILL on Monday this past week, the heater was on and it never got warm. Tomorrow is supposed to be 45 :)

    I love the photographs, their beautiful.


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