currently: january edition

Jan 21, 2014

wondering if the snow stopped falling because I don't want to look out the window

catching up on episodes of Parenthood and crying as usual

snuggling with Fifa

drinking sleepytime pomegranate green tea

eating a Gala apple with Trader Joe's Crunchy Cookie butter (it's heavenly)

hoping the roads are better tomorrow when I go to work

trying to become more of a 'plant' person - air purifiers!

working on completing Project Life 2013, so close

looking forward to scrapbooking 2014

missing my boyfriend, a lot

wearing my new Gap flannel pajamas (yay sales rack)

wanting the new MacBook Pro Retina display, totally not happening though

nervous about classes beginning

laughing because the first day of classes were canceled today

feeling blah - this weather!


  1. I'm trying to bring more plants indoors as well. We currently have a peace lily, but I'm wanting at least one plant on every floor of the house. :)

    I've been hard at work scrapbooking too! Will you be sharing your progress?

    1. a spider plant is good for air purifying and grows a lot. also non-toxic to dogs ;)

      and yes definitely! i haven't been home while the sun is up and the light in my apartment is good enough to take photos but i want to.


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