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Jan 24, 2014

My top blogs that I check almost religiously.

    01 // Elise Blaha is my absolute favorite.  It is the first blog on my "favorites" list and the first one I check in the morning.  She is such an inspiration with crafts, DIY, and just about life in general.  She's basically the reason I want to start having more plants in my house. 
    02 // Ann-Marie is pretty amazing.  I love love love her thifting, crafts, photography, and so much more.  She is one of my blog idols. 
    03 // A Beautiful Mess is just full of awesomeness.  There are so many blog writers on there it is hard to keep up with the posts if I miss a few days.  Anything from house tours, DIY crafts, recipes, and more than I can even think.  The original writers are so fun to follow on Instagram, too.  I don't read every post because sometimes it doesn't always pertain to what I like but I can spend hours searching through the archives. 
    04 // Jay Adores blog I found through Ann-Marie's.  They are real life and blog friends, but following her wedding creation and now her new business is so fun.  I always get excited to read something new on her blog and the photographs are always beautiful.  Her wedding posts are by far my favorite - such an inspiration.  She does amazing work. 
    05 // Oh, Ladycakes is a vegan blog, which I adore.  She makes such amazing foods and they're usually very easy to make.  Not everyone can relate to this one but my at-home vegan lifestyle fits perfectly with it.  She is a genius in the kitchen.

What are some of your favorite bloggers? I always love finding new ones to read!

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