selfie sunday

Jan 19, 2014

"Did you find anything sexy at IKEA?"
"How does this spoon look?"

This is how this picture came about, venturing through IKEA while my other friend waited for us to grab dinner on Thursday.  I was amused at how it came out.

I decided to make my own little 'weekly' post (we'll see how I keep up) with random facts or questions about myself or others, you can play along too.  And with the beginning of my 'Selfie Sunday Series' I will state three random facts..

1.  I have a strange anxiety with driving through a drive-thru.
2.  My favorite number is 11.  Oddly enough I really don't like odd numbers, especially prime ones.
3.  I drive a manual car and will probably never go back to an automatic.

Enjoy the last playoff game today!  And if you get off for MLK, yay for not really being a Sunday ;)

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