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Jan 18, 2014

The other night was our first Skype date.
And he made it very memorable with puppeting this crocheted mouse I had sent him for Christmas. One of the reasons I was so attracted to him.. his ability to make me laugh.  Honestly, I laugh at almost everything, but he had a way about him that made me giggle hysterically.  This is one of those moments..

I realized last night how difficult it is to really be in a long distance relationship.  It isn't easy, I can tell you that right now.  I have a few friends who have/are in the same boat as I am.  As you get older, I think the idea of long distance is much more obtainable than when you're young - that could just be my own thought.  Skype dates help.  I am learning a few things with this relationship, some of which I already know and some I want to be better.

COMMUNICATION is key in any relationship, near or far, but the distance helps you become better at it.  It is the only thing you have because you're not physically able to see one another every day or every week.  Sometimes all you have is the phone calls, text messages, emails, or letters.  As time passes, I realize how much better I am with talking about any issues.  It is so much better to talk than to let it build up until you do see one another - that time is cherished, not wasted.

TRUST. Trust the other person with what they are doing while you are not near and trust that your relationship can withhold whatever and for however long you allow.  People are always skeptical about the distance in my relationship because it is so new, but no one knows how we feel about one another.  We trust each other to be honest and trust each other that we will communicate any issues.  It is so great to have 100% trust in one another, when I was dating someone in college, it was our downfall.  And it is a weight lifted off your shoulders because you do not constantly wonder.

PATIENCE is a virtue right?  I am such an impatient person and this is helping me so much.  It is more patience in myself to be okay until the next time we see each other.  Sometimes the next time we talk because our schedules are so opposite.  We never know when we really will be able to see one another until we book the flight and the countdown begins; it's like Christmas every time.  Now, I need the patience to wait until May when he takes me to Disney for my birthday (it's not easy).  But also, patience with one another because we are still learning and getting to know each other.  It's the fun part though.

We're learning.
A year later and it's something new.  Something new to learn about myself when it involves another person. 


  1. My husband and I dated "long distance" in college. It wasn't easy that's for sure, and we were only two hours away...we had our ups and downs, and we broke up twice, but it was in those moments where I not only learned a lot about him, but learned a heck of a lot about myself.

    I'm so glad communication is on this list. It's one of the hidden gems about long distance dating. Other couples bonded over hobbies, or activities, or just plain ol' physical attraction, but Matt and I bonded over communicating. We always had stuff to talk about it and it was awesome. We never got bored of hearing the other's voice....mad at times maybe (haha), but never bored.

    Disney for your birthday sounds grand. I hope you have an AWESOME time. :)

    1. I know! It's so different and yet it is really good because I love being able to communicate with someone. Hard work, but it's still great.

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