friday faves | 04

Mar 7, 2014

Let's go with some music on this fine, fine Friday.

    01 // The 1975 - The City; came on my SiriusXM radio one day and I just loved it. Well, it was a song called Chocolate but when I started listening to them more, this one just got me 
    02 // Sleeping At Last - Turning Page; Twlight, you got me. 
    03 // Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy; I am not a die-hard country music fan, but I do love me some HH 
    04 // Idina Menzel - Let It Go; my love for her was started during RENT, after I saw Frozen I loved it, when I found out it was her, I loved it even more 
    05 // Martin Garrix - Animals; yes, the house/EDM music gets me pumped at certain times and at the moment, this one is my favorite Enjoy some new tunes for this weekend. What's on your playlist right now?

My taste in music is an ever changing mix with my mood.

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