Mar 6, 2014

           •   I love Skype dates with B, he knows how to really make me laugh with that mouse
              Catch-up dinner with girlfriends, yes please
           •   Best snuggle partner award goes to a shaggy pup
           •   These boots have been glued to my feet, I love
              NYC Vegetarian Food Festival 2014
           •   Fresh ground, drip-in-front-of-you coffee - I love NYC
           •   Getting back into the baking life
           •   Starbucks soy chai lattes before classes
           •   A somewhat failed attempt at the no-bake truffle


Side note: Through blogs I have been reading I found this snippets idea from Manda Townsend. I love the idea of small portions of your life through pictures. As much as I have a love/hate relationship with technology today, I love having a camera at-the-ready whenever I need it. I love my big camera and I know I need to work on using it more, but until then... here are snippets of my life through the lens of my iPhone.


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    1. thank you! she is in need of a major hair cut haha


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