Apr 8, 2014

We celebrated this past weekend for his last birthday in his 20's. The big 29.
He absolutely loves aquariums, I may or may not have mentioned this before, so I drove down to southern New Jersey and took him to the Adventure Aquarium to meet some friends. He got to pet a shark and I got to see penguins - win. I was really excited to see the hippos, which to my misfortune was off exhibit until June.

We don't get to indulge in a lot of dates so I really cherish when we are able to go out to lunch for a burger and beer. By burger, I mean mine was wrapped in lettuce and made of quinoa (it works for me). I cherish the moments we get to try new places together.

I especially love the moments when he snuggles with Fifa, when she crawls into his nook and falls asleep. He finally got to hear her snoring in person.

For his birthday after the aquarium, I took him to the nicest steakhouse in my area. Yes, this vegetarian willingly went to a steakhouse for her boyfriend. I turned pescetarian for the night and tried some mahi mahi, not terrible but I probably will not go for it again. He loved it, one of the best steaks he's ever had. I think I did good for his birthday.

Distance isn't easy. We struggled, we still struggle but we are managing. I can not say we are perfect but we are attempting to make it work for us. I try not to overanalyze the situations and enjoy the moment we are in and enjoy the moments we have together. Hopefully it gets easier with time. Thank goodness for technology.

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