currently: april edition

Apr 28, 2014

starting Project Life, finally, I began the title page and decided on 12x12

enjoying the weather beginning to warm up

taking time to walk Fifa outside and using her long leash so she can run

thinking about how I don't know what to do with my love life

missing B when I know I made the decision to let go (ugh, long story)

watching Game of Thrones and hating that I caught up because now I have to wait a week like everyone else

eating kale and arugula salads like it's my job 

drinking iced coffees again, although my taste in coffee has changed

hating this sore throat

counting down the days until my 27th birthday *gasp*

wishing we weren't so far apart so things could work out

trying to figure out what to do with my life and what I want

reading tons and tons of blogs about gardening, crafting, scrapbooking

dreaming of my Germany trip in August

waiting for the semester to be over so I can relax a bit

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