Apr 10, 2014

If you have ever followed me on Instagram, you will know I use the hashtag #sammyvaca whenever I go on vacation. Well, this might be my new future favorite vacation plan by far. That says a lot, considering I spent three weeks in Thailand.

Well, while talking to my friends wife, Elizabeth, I started planning my trip to Germany to visit her and one of my good friends, Craig. I can not tell you how ecstatic I am to go visit. I have gone to North Carolina a few times to go visit them, you can check that out here and here (when they got married). They moved to Germany almost a year ago for the military and it has been a long time since I have seen them so that is also a plus!

I'll be visiting in August for about two weeks and taking a trip to Rome to visit a friend from college for a few days as well. Along with Germany and Rome, Elizabeth made the suggestion for other places in Europe to travel to, uhhhh yes please. She suggested Greece, Czech Republic, Turkey; ermahgawd. I could pee my pants I'm so excited.

Summer can not come soon enough.
Do you guys have any exciting summer vacation plans?

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