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May 11, 2014

And so begins 27.
My birthday happened to be fantastic. I have really great friends who bake delicious desserts, buy delicious desserts, and treat the birthday people to amazing Thai dinners. The past three days have been busy with tons of friends and I could not ask for a better way to spend 27.

On my birthday, tons of us went out to dinner and to the brewery across the street for drinks. It's hard to get a bunch of coworkers together, especially when one of them no longer works with us, but I was so thrilled to have everyone together. I work with some amazing people and my job would not be as good without them there. The next day at work felt like forever considering we were out so late the night before.

Friday was relaxing. Although it was a night of nothing, it was the perfect night of nothing. Do you ever find yourself enjoying those nights where you can watch TV with someone and not need there to be something going on? It felt good. I headed down to my parents house for the air show the next day and boy it was a loooooooong day. Watching the planes all day was awesome though, I have lived next to the Air Force base my entire life and this was the first year I have ever gone to the show.

Overall, my birthday was spent with some special people and I received some amazing flowers, which I love. I found that daisies are my second favorite flower now haha. Enjoying the beginnings of a new year. I hope you all are going to enjoy it with me.

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