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May 12, 2014

A few years ago I decided to create a list of things I wanted to accomplish in the year I turned twenty-five, last year I chose not to create one, but alas, I am back. As I sat at work, it felt like it wasn't my birthday, I kept forgetting my birthday was that week and it was just getting older. People say as you get older the birthday's seem less important, I did not want to accept that as an excuse and began my list. Sure, some of these things have been on there forever and probably will continue to be there but it is an attempt to make change. Make the effort to do more.

One of these will take place Wednesday night when I venture into NYC with some coworkers for an improv show. A friend of a friend is performing and well, it's only $5 for the show! Driving in with a bunch of friends and venturing into the city for food and entertainment? Win.

Lots on the list are random but it's what it makes it enjoyable. Attempting the small things that make my life a little special to who I am.

Do you guys ever make lists? I love checking things off.
Let's roll.

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  1. I love your lists! I used to make them a lot, but haven't for a long time now. I guess I got tired of seeing all the things I didn't cross off.

    Maybe it's time I stop living with the glass half empty, hmm??

    Also. The photo of you and your pup is adorable.


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