welcoming twenty-seven

May 8, 2014

Last year before I turned 26 I gathered about 25 pictures throughout my 25th year and this year is no different. So many things have changed in the last year of my life. What do you ask? Well, I got new glasses this year, I know it was this year (and not last) because you can see from last years photos. I know, genius I am. There is more to add to this story..

Twenty-six was good to me. I traveled a lot. More then I normally do. Seattle (twice actually), Orlando, West Palm Beach, Adirondacks, weekend trip to Baltimore and Cape Cod, day trips to NYC, and so many other little trips. I have had a fantastic year and I am so so excited to bring in this new one.

During this year, I graduated with my Master's in Labor Studies and Employment relations, bought a new car, moved into my own apartment, met some fantastic new people, started dating again and learning more about myself, began my second Masters in Human Resources Management, got to be apart of a wedding for a college roommate, bought my very first real Christmas tree, booked a trip to a new country (August!!), found out two great friends are pregnant and another got engaged. I know there has been more but this is what comes to mind from the last 365 days.

A look into the past year.
I really do have wonderful people in my life. I am truly lucky to have friends who I can truly call family. I would have been a wreck without them.

Tonight, I will be enjoying delicious Thai food at my favorite restaurant with my birthday twin and a bunch of our coworkers. Probably visiting the brewery across the street for drinks and then snuggling into bed with my baby girl, Fifa.


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