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Apr 3, 2017

This is not the best book to read when you are thinking about booking a cruise. It is probably a terrible idea actually, but I can't take that back now can I?! Other than the nervousness from reading this and my cruise in August, I enjoyed it. It is very similar to The Girl on the Train, a little dark and mysterious and it has you wondering the whole time, whodunit.

I was on a roll with my reading but after this book it has taken me some time to finish the next one. Not due to the book but lack of motivation to read and falling asleep on the couch every night! Anyways, book #4 proved to be a suspenseful one and a very easy read for anyone looking for a good book. As I said earlier, it really is a whodunit type, it keeps you guessing: is she crazy, maybe it happened, no she's crazy, I don't know what to think!?!?! I think this book has the same feedback as The Girl on the Train, some people really enjoyed the quick read and some really didn't care for it. I assume this has the same feedback.

Nonetheless, it was a good book to read for my 30 books and I will make sure not to trust anyone on my cruise in August! haha.

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